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I love a good brawler. Or a scrolling beat ’em up. You should be familiar with the genre; many folks’ favourite games come from within. Final Fight, Bare Knuckle (aka Streets of Rage), Golden Axe, Dungeons and Dragons, and various others.

There are a few, particularly on the Super Famicom or SNES, that I didn’t play back in the day. The Rushing Beat series, Undercover Cops, Ninja Warriors Again, and Captain Commando, being the highlights. Those games all have something else in common – price. Insanely high prices, in fact. A loose cart of each will most probably cost you the wrong side of £50 ($80). Captain Commando, however, was also released on the Sony Playstation. I had an eBay search going for both versions of this game for a few months, and somehow everyone else in the world forgot to bid on one that sold for $69. Honestly, that is almost 50% cheaper than normal. I felt very lucky.
Anyhow, this game arrived today and I had a brilliant time playing it. I bloody love it … If you have the coins, please do yourself a favour and grab this mad but wonderful game!
It is three player sim! That is fully awesome … I hope to cajole both of my robot daughters into playing it with me one day!

The instruction manual has only this single screen shot! Weird.

IMG_0140.JPGBaby Commando! Sure, why not 🙂

Beware the trio of lesbians for they wield electric tuning forks, and they are not afraid to use them. Curiously fetching bunch, too; all called Carol.

This gentleman is tough: interestingly his name seems to be Sh1t Rom Jr.

Turns out a giant sword is pretty effective.

IMG_0144.JPGTime for some fun chasing ninjas on motorised surfboards. I’m in.

Now to chase the mad scientist into the sewer! But of course.

One scientist down!

This large lady, with whom I’d have no quarrel, has 2 attacks; one is to hurl you forcefully across the screen and the other is to vomit a pool of purest green at you.

And the last piece of the classic brawler puzzle – the fish-man with extendible claw hands.

My day one rating: 9/10.