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I have Bari-Arm and it DOES NOT WORK.

The disc appears to be fine, all the music tracks play, yet as soon as I put it into my MEGA-CD the console freezes. The title-screen doesn’t even clear. This is not a region lockout issue. My disc has been buggered and I brought the damn thing so long ago that I can’t remember who to moan at.

I thought that maybe my MEGA-CD drive is a little tired and it can’t read the disc well. So I copied it onto a new shiny blank CD-R via my PC. Without any errors reported. Same problem. Exactly.

ImageSo I downloaded a disc image. Bad me. Sod off, I’ve paid for this game and it’s broken. All I can find is the American rom, called Android Assault. Anyhow, the image is weird. There is an ISO file and a bunch of MP3s in a RAR. So I burn the ISO, but it won’t let me add music. Crap. Whatever, I’ll go check if it works. It does!! Hooray. My first ever go and it’s GREAT. Shit though, I bet it’s a truckload better with tunes!

I search for another rom. I find one and this time it’s all inside two nice BIN & CUE files. Burn, baby burn. AND LO… this is me, with my happy face, playing Bari-Arm for the first time. I LOVE IT.

Thank you, piracy.
Kind of.