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Good day folks, before day 4 (or 3, if you don’t consider Monday’s washout) begins, I wish to complain. To complain about England and their mental approach to this; their second innings.

OK, they didn’t enforce the (or invite New Zealand to) follow on. With the weather around, I think they should have done so, but I do understand why they didn’t. Two main reasons, I think, (1) bowler preservation, and (2) the pitch isn’t really that bad at all – batting now will be easier than batter later on.

Now, that aside, my gripe is this. England have a big lead, the pitch is fine, the New Zealand bowlers are good, but not the most terrifying in the world. So England, in this position, against ANY attack, with the safety of a 180 run lead and a positive mindset, should be able to score AT LEAST one run per three balls faced. That is not asking a lot. Compton and Trott managed approximately half of that. Pathetic.

Compton’s misery maybe explained by him feeling the need to fight for his place. Even if that is the case, it shows a mental frailty that does node bode well for the Ashes. For me, that amount of nervousness and fragility will be seized upon by the Aussies and he has now batted himself right out of contention. One CANNOT be timid against Australia.

Trott’s go slow was even more ridiculous and had me gnashing my teeth. This guy is a high class batsman. He averages ~50 in test cricket, and has scored at a sniff under a run every other ball across his other 72 test innings (a strike rate of 46). His place is not in any doubt, his skills are not in doubt, his character is not in doubt. Until maybe now. If Alistair Cook (who has had a miserable series by his own high standards) can play positively and score so freely, at a much higher rate than usual – because of the situation – why was Trott only able to score at less than half his normal pace?! I honestly don’t know. He made me angry and I cannot fathom AT ALL any reason why he batted so poorly.

Compton’s crawling was poor, but possibly understandable, Trott’s can only be either selfish beyond normal reason, or an attempt at match fixing. It was that bad. Of course I don’t think think he is involved in any wrong doing at all, but I cannot contrive of anything else to explain one of the most bizarre innings I can recall.

Cone England, step it up in the morning or I’ll go to Paris for the French Open.