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Back in the day, I owned a Megadrive and a PC Engine, so owning a SNES too was out of my financial range.

Because I didn’t get my own SFC until I was older (and my early SNES time was on mate’s consoles) my game knowledge on this delightful machine has some rather curious, and large, gaps.

Below are the top 10 games I figure I NEED to, hopefully, buy and play to death…

(1) Hagane images
hagane-5A crazy-looking apparently superb hack & slash platformer. Boxed it is stupidly expensive, I aim to find an unboxed copy.

It is supposed to be a brilliant, but the emulator I tried wasn’t perfect, however, I saw enough to start lusting!

(2) Ninja Warriors Againninja warr againNinjawarriors05
I do like Ninja Warriors. It is a lot of fun. I adored the music on the Amiga version, I still listen to it on my phone. This version is supposed to be the bees knees. I gather those are good, but I’ve yet to encounter them.

(3) Super Metroid
super metroid
super-metroid-snes-This omission of mine is indefensible. I don’t really know how I’ve managed to avoid it, or why I’ve not properly played a Metroid game on any console.

I like platform games, and shooting games, and …. there’s no explanation … I can only apologise 😦

(4) Secret of Manasecret manasecret of mana
There are reasons that I missed this game and the two that follow. You can’t as easily play RPGs on a mate’s console, I was getting all my RPG fixes on my Megadrive, and I preferred turn-based or strategy (grid-based) RPGs. Now, given that I’ve owned this title for ~20 years, I really should shut up, stop writing this crap, and play the game!

(5) Chrono Triggerchronotrigg
chrono triggerI only own this on the PS1, but I haven’t played it. If I had the coins, I’d stump up and buy this version. Whenever possible, I like to play a game on the console it first appeared on. I hear so much good about this game, I really need to find out for myself. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to break that seal though πŸ˜‰

(6) Zelda – A Link to the Pastzelda
zelda linkHave you ever heard of this game? I had the GB original, and I never really got on with it. Fearing the same, I never got around to playing this version, even though I’ve owned it for 20 odd years, yeah just like S’o’Mana.

I recently tried the first Wii Zelda, and I hated it. Does that make me a bad person? πŸ˜‰

(7) Spriggan Poweredspriggan
sprigganpoweredI love a shooter, me. And until recently I had no idea that the superb PC Engine blaster had this sequel. I must know more. But it is a shooter and therefore horribly expensive … but not quite out of reach!

(8) Captain Commandocaptain comm

captain comm2I’m also a sucker for a good scrolling fighter and Capcom rocked on the SFC. I never found this in the arcade, so now the time is right for me to correct half a life time of missing out. The graphics look, big, bold and colourful. I want.

(9) Rendering Ranger Zrend ranger
Rendering Ranger R2 This looks like a tech demo with all sorts of crazy parallax effects and giant sprites. But it also looks like a Turrican beater, and Turrican gets a mention further down. I yearn to know more about this game which came along late in the day for the SNES. I want to play it with a proper pad (a memory from a very brief emulation session).

(10) BioMetalbiometal
bio-metal.3Yes, another shooter that slipped me by. I gather it isn’t the very best either. But, and this is the twist, it contains the 2-Unlimited “song” Get Ready For This. How can I resist the urge to shoot and rave at the same time?! I can’t … can you?!

Oh, Ray & Anita, where are you now?

Nearly boys…
Axelay: a shooter, I have played it, but not properly & not in many years.
Rushing Beat: a scrolling scrapper, rumoured to be excellent, with the sequels even better.
Secret of Evermore: a fourth (action) RPG that I own and have not play. Looks absolutely gorgeous.
Sword Maniac: a hack & slash platformer. More affordable than Hagane, so I might play this one sooner!
Super Turrican: I’ve never played a Turrican properly either, but they do look good, and the musician is world class (Chris Husslebeck, sorry for the spelling).
Terranigma: a fifth (action) RPG that a mate swears is the best game ever. Who am I to doubt him? I own it, so I’d be a fool not to find out 😦