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I was talking shit. Again.
It happens. Often.
And, as usual, I was right. Completely and utterly.
The topic was songs written for movies.

We weren’t talking about ordinary pop songs that form a movie soundtrack, orchestral scores, or even songs from musicals – a much smaller field. Songs which are written for, and lyrically reference the movie and/or its characters.

The start was then I mentioned this song from this masterfully cheesy movie…
-( Queen – Flash Gordon )-

After grooving away, I said “Best song-for-a-movie ever“…
-( Queen – Princes of the Universe )-

Martin wasn’t happy. He countered, “this is the best“…
-( Howard Huntsberry – Higher and Higher )-

Frankly, I was appalled. I did not like that at all.
I suggested “this would have been a much better argument“…
-( Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters )-

Now folks, it’s up to you lot.
But, having listened to Howard Huntsberry again, I don’t think it even counts – it doesn’t refer to the movie or the characters. I’ll leave it in though.
Please vote for your choice, as you see fit. You may add songs of your choice.