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The first final was ACE.
Everything went to plan.
The bowling was OK, and the batting was sublime.
The English were less than perfect in the field and the Aussies carried on batting.
England tied them down a bit, but the Aussies kept on batting.
It was terrific.
England batted too slowly, never quite able to catch up with the rate.
Each time they threatened, they’d lose another wicket.
The Aussie bowling was OK, but the pressure cooked the English.
It was brilliant.

OK, I lied. 
I hated it. I cried. 
Then chips, I fried.

The Second T20 Was Perfect
The lovely Sri Lankans strangled the West Indian bully boys.
After 10 overs, those hapless Caribbean folk had scored on 32/2.
I was laughing it was the perfect anti-dote to the first final.
My 2nd (sometimes 3rd) favourite team were being lovely.
Then Marlon friggin’ Samuels hit a six.
And another and another and a-bloody-nother.
No-one else could bat worth crapm, but Samuels – he bloody did.
The git.
Still, with only 137, those fabulous Lankans would be fine.
Jayawardene and Kumar Sangy will laugh as they knock the runs off.
The pitch is a belter. Almost unfair really.
48-1 .. all is good.
69-7 .. I hate cricket.
21-6 .. that was the collapse.
No way back. I don’t really know what made the difference in the end.
SL bowled beautifully, Mendis taking 4-12, the best.
Gayle failed, so SL had all the aces.
Somehow, Darren Sammy’s brain made SL crumble.
I can’t be sad, but I wanted SL to win.
To commiserate I’ll make some extra sweet tea 😦

The West Indies were so good,
Played better that they should.
Gayle ran out of tricks,

And the Lankans won it early,
But Marlon hit his six,
Then the Lankans all went girly.
They failed with the bat,
And that was friggin’ that.