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I am a hardcore Street Fighter 2 fan. I’ve loved the series for almost 20 years now and I adored the new Street Fighter IV – along with its Super, and Arcade cousins. After Marvel vs Capcom 3, however, I was a little dubious about this title. I needn’t have worried though, it plays beautifully. Assuming you’re expecting, or hoping for, something that plays like a (perfect) 2D Street Fighter title – not a Tekken one.

The tag-method is brilliant. Unlike previous tag-battle titles that I’ve played, in this one you die as soon as one of your players gets knocked out. The result is a far more tense battle with extra panic as soon as your damage gets anything like low.

I waited until the price was good, but I shouldn’t’ve. It is great, great fun – even my girls (aged 8 and 9) love it. The only downside is the that loading times are a little high, but it is loading the full animation of four fighters each time, not two (there’s probably an install option, but I haven’t checked – the fighting was too much fun).

All in all, a fabulous fighter  …  8/10
Version review: PS3
(Should be the same on the Xbox 360).