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England had a terrible day.
Every mistake resulted in a wicket.
A bit like 51 all out in Jamaica.
Jerome Taylor bowled well that day, Bhajji and Chawla bowled well yesterday.
I was furious, of course.


Can England still win the tournament? Yes.
Will they? Toss a coin, you’ll still have no idea.

I think they will be the West Indies on Thursday.
Providing they get Gayle out for under 50, and the idiots pick two spinners.

I like all 3 England spin options, and I’d play 6 bowlers because I’m that angry with our batsmen. And I can’t drop Dirt Bag, Dorsal Finn, or Broadside.

Some come on England stop dropping your catches, knock a few singles before going for the big heave-ho and play like the proper effing cricket players that you are. Please.