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The bats: England’s batting is youthful (Hales, Bairstow, Butler), powerful (Morgan, Bairstow, Butler, Keiswetter, Wright, Lumb), varied (Morgan, Butler, Bell), and experienced (Bell, Keiswetter, Morgan). I didn’t even get to mention Samit Patel; who I rate very highly and could turn out to be one of the most valuable players in the tournament. Add to that, bowlers who can bat; and that’s a GREAT line up!

The balls: England’s bowling attack is as varied as it is possible to be. Jade “Dirt Bag” has a bag of tricks equal to that of anyone in the international game: slower balls, yorkers and (up to) 90mph pace. Steven Finn is tall, rapid, accurate (mostly) and one of the two or three most promising young fast bowlers in the world. Stuart Broad, when the mood takes him, can be a tremendous bowler of nous and venom – and he will want to make a point as he has been off the pace earlier this year. Swanny is one of the best spinners in the world, and aided by Patel and/or Briggs (both left armers to his right) should provide all the slow bowling England require.

The outsiders: Bressie-lad is a canny and experienced bowler who can bat. He will be a brilliant replacement for any injured bowler but, in the sub-continent, I can’t get him in the starting line-up. Ravi, I’m not a fan of. I want to like him, but I get frustrated by the lack of frustration he shows when he screws up royally. And his chin-pit.

The problem is that England can only select 11!