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X-Dazedly Ray (XDR) is the worst game ever made for SEGA’s lovely Megadrive. xdrMost agree that it is the very worst shoot’em up of all time. I like shoot’em ups, I do not like this. On normal mode, the game is virtually impossible. On easy mode the game is frustrating, awful to look at, painful for the ears, and basically stupid.

The sound effects (almost thankfully) cut out channels of the main “tune”, the explosion sounds of enemies are all the same, the sound of your bullets is dull or shrill (weapon dependant), colours are harsh and can obscure bullets and enemies, the collision is harsh to your ship and loose for your bullets.

The game’s best bit; it even chooses “no” for you.

I hate myself for trying this game again when I could have spent the time, more productively, slamming my nuts in a door.

Never I felt such woe when collecting an extra life.
Don’t even try it for curiosity.

Why am I quite so bitter?
Because, when coins were few and the Megadrive was new, I purchased this at a London computer show for £36. On returning with my friends, they started laughing at the game and me. 22½ years later they haven’t stopped. One of them is Sunteam Paul. It OK though, when the laughing makes him short of breath we can briefly talk.