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Last night I woke up with back pain. It’s a new special type of pain – think of nicely buttered scones, then stick that blunt knife in your back, just below your shoulder blade, twist. Works perfectly, assuming you desire consistently poor sleep.

I went downstairs, switched on my laptop, and logged into twitter. Shortly after I had begun reading tweets, a new one from Jarmila Gajdosova popped up:

“Ok guys in the car on my way to the hotel. since I have about 45 min I can talk to you! so ask me whatever you guys want I am here for you :)”

Now this sort of thing is not rare on twitter. Two points usually arrive in my mind:
(1) What can I ask that is a little different?
(2) It doesn’t really matter, they don’t reply to me.

To my shock, Jarka answered more than one of my daft questions. Consequently I have a new tennis crush. Here, in full, is the tiny conversation:

Me: Do Olympic shot-putters scare you?
JG: no 🙂
Me: What does scare you? Anything? 🙂
JG: snakes, spiders, any bugs, bad plane trips and scary movies!!…
Me: Wow, glad cars are OK!

Me: Why can’t lady pole-vaulters go as high as the men? I really have no idea.
JG: no idea sorry

Me: Did you ever play Pokémon?
JG: no I didn’t I just never got along with pikachu or how you spell it!!
Me: hehe, no worries and spelling is perfect.
Me: Thanks for your time, I’d better go to bed now, it’s after 2am. Only up because of back-pain, but you’ve helped 😉 Take care!
Me: Can’t tear myself away … who’s your favourite Aussie? (Not family!)
JG: as athlete or?
Me: anyone at all!
JG: all my fellow Aussie Olympians! they are all awesome and I been honoured to meet them !! hope to see them all again soon
Me: great answer!
Me: (one of my top Aussies has to be Lleyton Hewitt .. didn’t like him at first (I’m a pom) but his tenacity wore me down!)

So why is Jarka nice? Is she riding a wave of success?  Sadly not, she has struggled a bit this year. Has she lost heart? No! A public tweet from her:
JG: Should I get it or shouldn’t I get it?! 🙂 is it true or isn’t it?! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/tZYqtz4P
(Yes! It is true!)

So, tennis fans, please support this lovely girl, the WTA benefits hugely from great characters like Jarka!