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When I was 17 Total Recall (starring Arnie) was the first “18” movie I saw at the cinema. I was already a sci-fi junkie and I blown away. I saw it three times inside a week. It started my crush on Sharon Stone .. way before everyone else did with that nasty Basic Instinct.

Now I have a crush on Kate Beckensale, but I was still furious when I heard that they were remaking one of my favourite movies. Movie remakes are OK, providing there’s a reason.

With King Kong there was a great reason … now they could make one that actually looked good. And, within reason, it was great. Nice job.

What reason is there for remaking Total Recall? Er … not any good ones … greed, lack of  original ideas (or inability to read other stories), erm .. OK, not even many of those.

The first movie even has a great sound track, I have no clue about the remake. Obviously I’ll hate it. And the movie itself, from what I’ve heard. There are some movies that should be left alone, and this is one of them. A sequel, I could have understood, but not this. I only hope I’m strong enough never to watch it – I’ve still not seen Highlander 2 so there is hope.

I had not yet read the Philip K Dick book “We can Remember it for you Wholesale” but I had read some of his other works: Bladerunner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich.