New ODI rankings were updated to today, and tiny fractions of numbers meant that England emerged on top. My twitter time-line exploded with a wild mixture of hate, resentment, jealousy, disbelief, disdain, and most other types of negativity one could imagine.

Even England fans aren’t happy. Rankings are rubbish, they don’t show who is truly the best side, England lost to India, blah, blah, blah. OK, for starters, rankings were never meant to show who is the “best” side. That is utterly subjective and takes into account things like flair, character, nationality, and attractive stroke play.

Rankings say one thing only: which team has been the most successful over a period of time. Success is calculated, coldly, by a mathematical procedure that awards more points for away wins than home wins, and against “tougher” opposition. I hope to check the recent maths when next I am mentally agile enough.

In conclusion: over the last two years, England have gained more “ranking points” than the other teams. Nothing more, nothing less. Fact. Stick that up your nose and blow.

ICC Test Rankings: