I don’t think Murray failed at all. However, I expect that is exactly what many people will think, and what some will read. I remember reading a paper after Tim Henman lost a wonderful 4-set semi-final against Pete Sampras (winner of 7 (seven) Wimbledon singles titles) “Henman Fails Again”. Sampras was largely recognised as the best player ever on grass, now Federer has equalled him with seven (7) Wimbledon singles titles. So clearly these players are “proper good”, yet the minute they beat one of our British folk, our guys are failures.

This. Is. Madness.

If it isn’t madness, then everyone who has ever been beaten by them is also a failure. Federer lost to Henman at Wimbledon once, after Sampras lost to Federer, so both of them are failures too. Therefore everyone is a failure.

Why am I writing this incoherent bullshit? Because I am vexed. Mad-vexed about the crap I’ve been hearing about Murray all day.


One chap I heard was clearly happier that Murray lost so he could say “I told you he was crap”, and “he’ll never win anything”, and “he missed a ball in the second set, and that was his only chance”, and “I told you so”. Chuff the chuff right off. The failure here is that we stupid British seem to enjoy our sporting heroes losing .. ESPECIALLY if it’s not “your” sport. I’m guilty myself, in part. I couldn’t give a toss about the success of our football team in Europe. But, secretly I wanted them to win. SECRETLY?! What the chuff? Why are we programmed like that? Who made us be such a bunch of tits?

Murray is a GREAT tennis player. Federer is probably the best EVER tennis player in the history of the universe. Players from other planets are not yet permitted by the ATP, there are a few rule differences. Sorry, I digress; Murray’s head-to-head with Jolly Roger is now 8-8.

So, if Murray has beaten the best-player-in-history-ever-ever-ever as many times as he has lost, that’s a pretty good record, right?

If Murray is 4th, in the last 12 years (and 12th in history), in terms of Masters series titles won that’s pretty good too, right?

If Murray has won over $20 Million dollars in prize money alone, that’s pretty handy, right?

You might think so, and I bloody well do. Those of you who think otherwise can bog off (which, incidentally, is what I wanted this blog to be called).

What Murray had done poorly in his previous three Grand Slam finals was show a mental ineptitude that I’d not seen him show anywhere else. Today he utterly banished that and was edged out by the better player. Well done Jolly Roger, you played great, well done Andy, don’t listen to the pricks; you played great too …. and you WILL win a slam soon!